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We have developed our own method of training called Choice TrainingTM. Choice training uses LIMA principles. LIMA stands for

Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive methods.

Most training methods focus primarily on teaching you how to control your pet using physical corrections or bribes. Choice Training™ takes a different approach. We teach you how to control everything that affects your pet's environment and tap into your pet's problem-solving. Your pet will learn that the behavior you want is the key to earning privileges. The best part about it is that all our training can be done without the use of physical corrections. Further, because we take a balanced approach to training, your pet's behavior will not be controlled by threats or bribes! You and your pet will truly enjoy learning.

YES! These methods have been developed through an extensive understanding of learning theory and animal behavior. We will tailor our training and behavior modification to both your specific needs and your pet's specific needs. Because our methods are not one-size-fits-all, they work for all pets of any size, age, or personality.

Because we do not compel pets into a position or attempt to punish them for inappropriate behavior simply, these methods can appear to take longer at first. However, because you are not using corrections or bribes, your pet actually learns how he or she should behave through the problem-solving exercises that we establish. The ultimate goal of our training and behavior modification programs is permanent results - not quick, temporary fixes. When you look at the final outcome, our methods actually produce longer-lasting results more quickly and effectively than other types of training.

Pet Behavior Solutions does not offer these services. Although people may feel such options will save them the time and commitment involved in training, rarely is this the case. Your dog will likely learn to listen to the trainer, but having a dog that is obedient to you requires a relationship between you and your dog that is best developed through the training process. Oftentimes, when a dog leaves the facility, the training fades, and inappropriate behaviors return. Even though the initial time you spend training your dog may be less with a board and train service, you will likely spend as much time or more maintaining the training once your dog comes home. By working directly with pets and their owners, we also help you learn how to train your dog yourself in your environment, so you will be able to apply that knowledge should new issues arise in the future. Finally, the cost of board and train services is much higher than the cost of private, in-home training.

Pet Behavior Solutions
Pet Behavior Solutions

That depends on the issues you are having with your dog or cat and the goals you want to accomplish.

* Issues that require muscle memory (for you and your dog) or a behavior shaping process such as obedience training, leash work, door darting/dashing, jumping up on people, and related things will likely require us to first work directly with your pet. First, we need to ensure that we are choosing the right strategy for your pet’s situation, learning style, and personality. Then, we want to see that the strategy is having the right impact on your pet’s behavior. Finally, we need to integrate the owner into the strategy and guide the owner on proper cuing, timing, and feedback.

* If the issues are things that may fall outside of that scope, we will concentrate on obtaining a complete functional assessment of the issues going on and advise the proper way to respond and what you should do differently. This is often the case with general misbehavior and leadership training, behaviors that occur when you are not there, such as getting up on counters or housebreaking, or things like appropriate and inappropriate play, dogfighting, new baby preparation, stranger danger behaviors, cat integration, litter box training, etc. There are situations where the advice given is more valuable than us being hands-on with your dog.

There are many situations that won’t happen when we are there! Examples include housebreaking, litter box issues, fighting dogs, stranger danger, some dog interaction, some cat interaction, etc. There are some situations in which we DON’T want the behaviors to duplicate themselves because of safety and ethical reasons. We are able to get a good picture of these types of situations through the questions we ask and what observations we are able to make. We are experts in understanding dog and cat behavior sequences, body language, and how they think, learn, and perceive things. We will be able to get inside the issues you are having with your pet and get you on the right path to improvement or resolution.

When dealing with animals, it is unfortunately not possible or ethical to guarantee a particular result or outcome. The outcome of any training or behavior modification program depends on a number of factors, including your pet's history, genetic makeup, environment, and the consistency with which our instruction is followed. Because these factors are outside of our control, we cannot guarantee a specific outcome. However, we do guarantee the highest degree of professionalism and commitment to working with your pet to achieve the best possible results. Please see the Code of Ethics for Certified Trainers link on our Helpful Articles and Links page.

We would be happy to discuss this with you in more detail based on your situation. Please call or e-mail us today to determine how we may best meet your needs.