Dog Training and Behavior Services

We offer a wide variety of services for you and your pets. Each service is specifically tailored to your needs, goals, and individual situation. We can help with virtually any behavior and training issue with your dog. We tailor our services specifically to meet your needs.

Explore Options of Dog Training and Behavior Services:

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Behavior Modification

Are you frustrated with your dog? Do you wish you could improve a few things to make your life together more peaceful and enjoyable? Now is the time to address behavior issues such as:

  • Establishing leadership and house rules
  • Effective discipline
  • Unruly behaviors: jumping, counter-surfing, puppy issues, darting out doors, etc.
  • Damaging behaviors: chewing, digging, housebreaking, etc.
  • Nuisance behaviors: barking, not listening, etc.
  • Temperament issues: fighting, biting, aggression, separation anxiety, leash reactive dogs, etc.
  • Integration issues: pets and children, pets not getting along, etc.
  • New baby preparation
  • And so much more!

Obedience Training

Calling canines of all ages, from puppies to seniors! Obedience training is essential and often key to resolving many issues. Tap into your dog's problem solving and have fun watching him/her learn. It doesn't matter whether your dog has never had any training or if he/she has had some training but still doesn't listen! In-home training sessions will address things such as:

  • Obedience commands (from puppy training to advanced obedience)
  • Walking on a loose leash
  • Coming when called
  • Listening and complying with commands
  • And so much more!
Pet Behavior Solutions

Zoom Express Obedience Training

Calling all dog parents who are interested in obedience training but looking for an easier way to work with a professional trainer. Why not consider these “bite” size classes with our Zoom Express Obedience Training?

Who should consider Zoom Express:

  • People with time constraints for standard group or in-home training
  • Families who want to minimize their exposure during the pandemic
  • Families who have over-stimulated dogs or reactive dogs who would not do well in a group class
  • Families who have a dog that doesn’t do well with strangers due to lack of socialization, fear, or aggression
  • Families located outside of our standard service area


  • Your home or office is a less distracting environment than group classes
  • Working in the environment in which you will be using the training
  • One-on-one attention for you and your dog
  • Work on training at your own pace
  • Takes minimal time out of your day
  • Work on what you need

What will you need:

  • Access to Zoom
  • A phone, tablet, or computer with a camera
  • A low distraction room with a place to prop up the camera so we can see you and your dog and guide you through everything
Pet Behavior Solutions

What will be included:

What will be included:
30-minute personalized Zoom session to work on acquiring basic obedience or improving commands your dog already knows. Each obedience session will include homework to practice and video demonstrations of many behaviors. We can also cover advice on basic household behaviors such as jumping up to greet, counter surfing, dumpster diving, and crate training.

Two options:

  • Obedience Training Sessions ($45 each session). You and your dog will receive training for the following commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Leave it, Come, Loose Leash Walking, Eye Contact, and Touch.
  • Cafeteria Style ($45 each session) - Only take what you need. If your dog needs a little help with only certain commands, you can pick and choose as you need.

Contact us at +1 (480) 200-2011 or email us for information and scheduling.

Leash Reactive Dogs

This private training program is designed for dogs who react poorly toward other dogs when on a leash. (Growling, lunging, barking, etc.) The goal of this program is to teach your dog to pay more attention to you and relax in the presence of other dogs. This program will strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Lessons are held at a variety of locations to allow for practice in the presence of other dogs.

This program is not available in the summer. It is simply too hot for the dogs to work. Under the best of circumstances, it is stressful for the dogs, and the intense desert heat and scorching sidewalks and asphalt can lead to heat stress and burns on your dog's paws. Short-nosed breeds are even more susceptible to breathing difficulties and are not able to cool down. If you walk your dog, it is recommended that you do so extremely early in the morning or late in the evening when the heat is less of an issue, and there are fewer dogs in the environment that are easier to avoid until the issue can be addressed.

Pet Behavior Solutions

Animal Shelter Services

If you are a shelter or a rescue organization, we offer a variety of classes for your staff and volunteers as well as a certification program for the Core Behavior Assessment TM. We also offer evaluation services and treatment protocols for dogs. Please see the section for Animal Shelters on our Helpful Articles and Links page.